I am using Superstore subset data for creating a radial bar chart in tableau to show sales by product category for each year.

1. First, union the data source to itself to get a new column for Table Name.

2. Create a calculated field Path. It is required to draw the lines.

3. Create parameters to set inner and outer radius.

4. Create a calculated field angle to specify the angle for each point.

5. Create a calculated field for normalizing measures.

6. Create calculated field X for the x-axis and Y for the y-axis.

7. Convert-Path calculated field to dimension.

8. Change the graph type to line graph and drag Path calculated field to path options in Marks Card.

9. Put X calculated field on columns and Y to Rows pill.

10. Put order date by day in detail and edit both X and Y calculated field to compute by order date.

11. Edit both the axis to be fixed from -1 to 1.

12. Put Year (order date) in colour.

13. Change the background colour to black.

14. Format sheet to hide gridlines and zero lines. Also, hide headers to add to the effect.

15. Put the sheet on the dashboard. Format legends.

16. To filter the sales by product subcategory, create another sheet to use symbols for different product subcategories.

17. Put the sheet as floating in the centre of the radial bar chart and use it to filter the radial bar chart. Also, choose the dashboard size to be 1000 x 1000.

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