A type of graph known as a waterfall chart illustrates how various categories or time periods contribute to an overall cumulative total. This type of chart is commonly used to show how positive or negative values impact an initial value. The chart typically displays complete columns to represent the starting and ending values, while floating blocks represent intermediate values.

Today I’m going to show you how to create a basic waterfall chart by using tableau.

1. Sort profit by subcategory

2. Add table calculation to profit- Running total

3.Change the mark type from Bar to Gantt Bar and add profit to label

4. Create a calculated field called height to reverse the profit value to have each block pick up where the last one left off

5. Drag height to size mark
6. Drag profit to color and add a table calculation- running total
6. Edit the color
7. Finally, we get our waterfall chart, red bars represent the sum of the profit of these subcategories are less than zero. 


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