Hi everyone, this blog will show you how to show the Top rank records easily.

Imagine that you have a long list of customers records, but you want to show only the Top rank records. There is an easy way to do it and I walk you through each step. In this blog, I will use the superstore data set to demonstrate.

Step 1: Show customer name by dropping “Customer Name” on rows

Step 2: Show Sum(Quantity) on the column by dropping “Quantity” on the columns field

Step 3: Bring up the filter window by “Right Click” on the “Customer Name” pill.

Step 4: Create a Parameter to select Top N

Step 5: Set value on Parameter

Step 6: Ready to use by right click and selecting “show parameter”

Remembering these 6 steps will help you with showing Top rank records that you choose in Tableau. With this trick, you can also create Bottom N. I hope you have fun learning Tableau.


The Data School
Author: The Data School