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Today, the blog will be for those who want to drill down the charts similar to “Hierarchy” on your dashboard. I’m using the sample – superstore for this example.

Goal:  The exercise will be drilling down Region to State and State to the City by actions on the dashboard.

What do we aim for with this action?

Well, the example that will be shown is a good example that may be replicated for any purpose on your dashboard for any project.

What are the steps?

The first thing to do is create a set for “Region” and a calculated field.

and then, we need to create a calculated field:

What is the statement of this function?

The statement is saying: As soon as I select a “Region” show me the “States” else stay “blank” end.

Now, we need to create another set from “State set” and another calculated field which will drill down from State to City.

You can do the same steps to create a set for “State set” as shown above. I will show how the second calculated field must be:

to end the first half of the process, add the 2 dimensions created on rows.

Second half of the process:

The first thing to do is create a dashboard and add the sheet on the viz, and then we need to create to set actions:

First action: Click on Dashboard and then on Actions

From action panel: click on “ADD Action” and then on “Change Set Values”

setting up the action to drill down the Region to State:

Here is where the magic happens!! we need to set the actions for the sets we created on the first half of the process.

Finalizing the actions: select assign values to set and remove all values from set.

Create another action for State to City following the steps above. As soon as you finish, your dashboard might be working like below:


Thank for reading and hope this helps you in your future projects.

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