“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”


My journey to learn Alteryx started in week 2 of The Data School. I was very excited and interested to learn the new language as I knew I have to use that for the rest of my life. I started to use Alteryx on Monay and by the end of week I was certified in Alteryx designer core. I will give some tips on how you can get the certificate.

Know the Home Page


Before you learn about the tools, spend few minutes to memorize about the home page. Know the terminologies used by Alteryx community, what is canvas, what are the name of tools, where is help section, where and in how many ways can I add tools to the canvas, what is workflow, what are the types of database and files and most importantly, where I need to look the information on this page.
This will take you like 10-15 minutes if you ask someone who knows Alteryx already.

Start To Learn Favorite Tools

Make notes on what each tool can do, when and why we use the tool. Spend around 10-15 minutes each tool, learn the logo of the tool, it will help you to answer some questions in the exam. Practice atleast 5 questions on each tool so you know it usage. When you done with this part, you can answer question like which tool can change data type, which tool add field and which tool/tools remove, rename or sort fields. Pay more attention on learning how you can import the data in Alteryx, where can you tell Alteryx which row you want the data to start with, and how many records you want to see and how much records Alteryx show by default. You must also know how to output data, where it is saved and in what format. Again, if you spend 10-15 minutes on each tool you will know the answers of all such question.

Transpose/Cross Tab Tandem

I cant emphasize enough how important these two tools are, majority of question in exam comes from these two tools. Make sure you don’t just read about these tools or ask someone about their functionalities. Give 20 minutes to each tool and practice atleast 7-8 different question which use these tools. Advice- By doing question, you will realize why these tools are confusing, so try to do question by yourself without looking solutions. Once you done with all of the above tools, you are almost ready.

Topics In Certification-Exam

See the above list, and work on the remaining tools as well. It will take you around 30 minutes.

All Exams Test Your IQ 

While giving your exam, don’t think the exam is just testing your Alteryx skills. There are two types of question in exam, most of them are multiple choice which test your theoretical knowledge, but some question contain data and you need to build a workflow to get answer to such questions. My advice is, bookmark all questions which contains data in them and attempt them is last, and if time is running out, try to answer question based on IQ. The data is mostly real-world data so if question ask you what the most watched genre on Netflix is, google it instead of solving if you don’t have time.
Also, attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.

Lastly, practice some Basic level challenges on Alteryx Weekly Challenges and familiarize yourself with Alteryx Community. I believe if you find someone who can teach you one to one, you can get certificate by studying 4 hours or less, which include practice. Adios


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