The Alteryx Designer Core certification exam is designed to test your knowledge of the basic tools in Alteryx Designer and to test your ability to solve problems using these tools. These basic tools consist of tools that are most often used to prepare and analyze data in Alteryx Designer.

Some great things to know about the Alteryx Designer Core certification exam are:

  • It’s free
  • It’s online
  • It’s an open book
  • Can be taken multiple times with 7 days gap in between two exams

The complete information about the exam can be found in the exam prep guide.

The exam prep guide:

Now comes the question that how to prepare for this exam?

Here are some tips to prepare for the exam:

#1. Read the Tool Mastery guide. To prepare for this exam, you need to understand all the tools in the favorites tab of the Alteryx Designer. Most of the exam questions are based on these tools. The learning videos in the Alteryx community for each tool are a good starting point to get familiar with the tools.

#2. Alteryx weekly challenges are a great way to get more practice for use cases of the tools.

#3. Apart from this when you click a tool in the tab, each tool has examples that you can explore and get an idea of how that tool works.

#4. Use the Text input tool to recreate the questions in Alteryx and run them to find the answer.

#5. Keep Alteryx and google both open before starting the exam.

Some resources which you can use are:

Alteryx Designer cheat sheet

Alteryx data types:,of%20data%20in%20a%20column.

Alteryx file extensions:

Alteryx tool help:


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