I have decided to write on the topic of how to get into the Data School and what to expect because I was searching for those answers when applying for the job myself.

It doesn’t matter how you’ve heard about Data School, either from Seek website, friend recommendation, or Facebook page, the only way to express your interest in the job is to hit the Apply button on the Data School website. The process is easy, straightforward, and very different from the approach of standard job applications.

You will have to create a visualization in Tableau and submit it for the first selection round. Don’t worry if you have zero Tableau experience (as I did), all it takes is to watch educational lessons on Tableau website and maybe a few YouTube videos to be able to create your first dashboard. You will get feedback from one of the couches on your work and maybe will want to improve it and resubmit. Here is one tip for you, choose the dataset you want to analyze very carefully. You want to tell an interesting story with your vis and if you have poor data, it will be difficult to do. Try to think of the question you want to answer and find the answer with your viz.

If you are shortlisted for the second round you will be asked to create your second dashboard in Tableau based on the new dataset provided to you.  You will get help from the couch at this stage as well.

And finally, the most exciting thing, you’ll get to present your work at the final interview, and fingers crossed get selected as one of the final eight applicants.


Good luck!

The Data School
Author: The Data School