Recently one of my Tableau projects has been featured on the Tableau Public VOTD (Viz of the Day) page. I want to share a few of my own reflections on this exciting experience.


What is VOTD?

For those who never heard of VOTD from Tableau Public but still consider themselves a Tableau user, you really need to check it out


My VOTD project (a collaboration with Rey Li):

Basically, VOTD is a Tableau Public page where Tableau would choose one Viz from all over the world to be featured as the Viz of the Day every weekday. To ordinary Tableau, VOTD is a place to learn some stunning Tableau visualisation skills and get inspired by great Tableau projects. For Tableau enthusiasts, VOTD is more like a place for them to prove their professionalism in using Tableau as a data visualisation tool. If your work is featured as VOTD, your skills are recognised by the Tableau community.



I think to be featured as VOTD, one’s work needs to be: first, visually impressive (sometimes entertaining, but not necessarily); second, the Viz tells a story.


The challenge would be, for most competitors, to find a dataset that is designed for storytelling. This does not mean that a random dataset cannot tell a story; some common datasets often tell incredible stories through Tableau. However, making a Tableau dashboard is time-consuming, and many have full-time jobs/studies. A prepared dataset does save lots of time as well as help establish the foundation of a great Tableau project.


Viz for Social Good ( for instance, is a platform where the organisers release non-for-profit data projects every month, and most of the projects from this website have one simple goal – help promote charities and NGOs in achieving their purposes across the world.


These datasets are often prepared and ready to use. All you need to concentrate on is to show your Tableau skills and make a stunning viz out of it.


Some final words on collaboration through Tableau

My VOTD, as you may notice, is a collaborative project. I completed this with my colleague within only two weekends!


I see a lot of benefits in a collaborative project: firstly, it generates lots of ideas between two brains than one, especially in the brainstorming stage; secondly, it creates a deadline for two (not one), so the project is generally delivered, one has no excuse as there is always someone waiting for your progress.


However, collaboration in Tableau does raise challenges, especially using Tableau desktop.


I think we should not think of collaboration as two collaborators working on different dashboard sections. To me, someone is good at storytelling, some are good at structuring a dashboard, and some are good at writing calculation fields and parameters, to name but a few. An ideal collaboration is bringing these skills together. I believe the journey will be much more enjoyable if two collaborators constantly learn and share ideas with each other instead of taking it as a pure task to be completed.


For more new Vizs, feel free to visit my Tableau Public page:


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