Hello everyone!

For today’s blog, I want to share with you a trick that I learned during our second client’s project (the data you see here is not from that project): how to have separate colors on legends.

On the top picture, we have a table which showed the average age and average education of different working class. These 2 metrics are within the same card “Measure Values” so when you drag this card onto the color marks, both fields are colored in the same color theme, in this case, in blue-teal diverging as seen on the bottom picture.

So to have different colors for average age and average education and not diverging, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the arrow on the “Measure Values” on the color mark card and choose “Use Separate Legends”

  • Now as you have separate colors for the measure values, click “Edit Colors” on one of the color legends

  • On the palette, click on the arrow to see all the options and scroll down to the last one

  • Choose “Custom Diverging”

  • Reduce “Stepped Color” to 2 steps and choose black as colors on both side


Now as you can see from the below picture, we have changed the color for Avg. Age to black.

Follow the same steps for Avg. Education and we got the desired results: separate colors for different legends and the colors are not diverging.

I hope you find this trick useful for working on your Tableau workbook. See you next time!

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Author: The Data School