Being a team lead in a challenging project can be both exciting and overwhelming. Last week, I had the opportunity to lead my team and work on four distinct projects with Origin Energy. Juggling multiple teams, projects, and clients simultaneously may seem daunting, but this experience has taught me invaluable lessons. In this blog, I will share my insights and experiences, highlighting any useful tips that I think could maximize project success as a team lead.

  1. Embracing Client Support and Enthusiasm: One aspect that greatly influenced my role as a team lead was the remarkable support and enthusiasm displayed by our clients: Origin. Recognizing this valuable resource, I ensured that my team capitalized on the clients’ expertise and guidance. Whenever my team encountered specific questions or uncertainties, I promptly arranged meetings with the clients. The real-time communication through calls proved to be far more effective than relying solely on emails. By engaging in direct conversations, we received immediate clarifications, fostered stronger relationships with the clients, and accelerated the project’s progress.
  2. Effective Communication and Verification: To ensure the deliverables aligned with the clients’ expectations, I emphasized the significance of constant verification. I encouraged my teammates to diligently review their work and verify its accuracy against the clients’ requirements during mid-week check-in meeting. This involved double-checking every aspect of their contributions. This meticulous approach allowed us to identify and rectify any inconsistencies or misunderstandings early on, preventing potential setbacks. Through this process, we were able to maintain a high level of quality and reliability in our work.
  3. Utilize the Whiteboard as a Visual Progress Tracker! The whiteboard serves as a visual representation of your project’s progress. Encourage your teammates to utilize it to its fullest potential. Designate sections for “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” columns, allowing each team member to update their tasks accordingly every day. By using the whiteboard, everyone gains a clear overview of the project’s status, fostering transparency and promoting a shared sense of achievement.


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