Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed your week so far. We are halfway through our training now. It means that there are 8 weeks to go. In the last 8 weeks, we have learned so much especially from working on client projects. For those who are not from the data school, I will give you a quick explanation of what the client project is. As part of our 4 months of training, we undertake 7 client projects on which we are working together to solve the client’s problems. On the client project week, we will have a Monday briefing with our clients. They bring their data to us and address their business problems. Out tasks are to help them find useful insights from their data. On Friday, we will present our analysis to them and then package up all of our workflows and dashboards to them. As such, we need to learn how to share our workflows probably so that they could open them from their end. Imagine if you import the data from your local folder, the client cannot find the data from their end and hence they cannot utilise your workflow. In order to avoid this problem, we need to save our workflow as a packaged file.

How to save a packaged workflow

  • First, save your packaged workflow
  • Then select Options -> Export Workflow

  • Make sure to leave the Input and Output ticked

  • Click OK

How to open a packaged workflow

  • Click on the packaged workflow (.yxzp file) that you want to open
  • Click Yes.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. With just one simple practice we could do a huge favour for users from the other end.

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Author: The Data School