Hello! I am so excited to share with you this blog: How to Personalize your Alteryx Canvas!

It is getting very close to Christmas Snow buddie, and I am thinking why not giving my Alteryx workflow a festive make-over? Believe it or not there are options in Alteryx to allow you to be as much creative as you like! 

By utilizing User Settings, you can do a lot to format and personalize your Canvas. To access User Settings:

Click on Options / User Settings/ Edit User Settings/ Canvas

Here you are able to make changes to the following:
  • Canvas Background: You can change your Canvas background color to any color you like in default canvas settings.
  • Connection Lines: You do not have to stick to the gray connection lines anymore, the Lines option allows you to change to the line color. My favorite are baby pink and lime, but it really depends on the theme you know!
  • Container Default Color: you can set a default background color for your container here as well, if you have a preferred personal style for them.
  • Annotation: fonts, sizes, colors, background, you name it, all can be customized!

The comment tool is not only perfect for documentation, but also fantastic for adding images to your workflows.

To add images, use the last option in the configuration box, background image. Clicking on the folder icon will allow you to upload any image you like. 

Ensure to change Shape to None to remove the borders around your image. 


To arrange and layer your images and containers, right click to see options for Bring to Front and Send to Back.

There you go. By combining User Settings and Comment tool, layer them in a correct order, you will be able to add creativity to your Alteryx workflow.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to see your beautiful, personalized workflows! 

Snowflake Merry Christmas! I wish you a season filled with happiness and merry making. Snowflake



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