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Today, I would like to share with you a technique to enhance the power of your Tableau dashboards. Tableau is a widely recognized and praised data visualization tool within the data analytics community. In this blog, I will demonstrate an easy trick that will make your dashboard more engaging by setting up drill-down functionality in Tableau.

Let’s begin by setting up a one-level drill-down using parameter actions, using the Superstore dataset for this demonstration. You can also download the Tableau workbook for reference by following this link (Tableau Workbook: How to Set Up Drill-Down Actions in Tableau).

The main steps involve creating the base chart, setting up parameters, creating calculations, and configuring actions for the parameters and calculations.


Step 1: Place the “Sales” and “Category” fields in the columns and rows shelves, as shown in the picture below. This step is essential for building the base chart.


Step 2: Create a parameter and name it “Level 1 Parameter.”


Step 3: Create a calculation called “1.Level 1” and drag it to the rows shelf. This calculation interacts with the parameter set up in the previous step.


Step 4: Set up an action on the sheet to establish the interaction between the selected parameter and the calculation to display the output on the chart.

Go to Worksheet -> Action -> Change Parameter


Step 5: Create a calculation for the header and place the pill on the rows shelf between the Category pill and “1.Level 1.” Then, hide the header by right-clicking on the Category pill and unchecking “Show Header.”


By following these five steps, you will be able to set up drill-down parameters in Tableau. That concludes this blog. See you in the next one!


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