In this blog, I would like to introduce you to Alteryx workflows and how to tackle problems. I will use the Alteryx challenge #9 from the Alteryx community weekly challenges platform to demonstrate (Challenge #9: Analytics Ranking – Alteryx Community).


What is the Alteryx community weekly challenge platform?

Alteryx creates a sustainable community, where people help each other learn the tools and build up skills.

Weekly Challenge – Alteryx Community


How to tackle questions?

When I solve Alteryx problems, I normally follow 4 steps.

Step 1: Read the question then look in the “Input” and “Output” files

Step 2: Break down the problem

Step 3: Build a workflow

Step 4: Check the answer


Let’s get started!

In this blog, I will use Challenge #9 (Challenge #9: Analytics Ranking – Alteryx Community).

First of all, I need to download the Start file, and then let’s have fun!


This is how it looks like in the Alteryx program.

Step 1: Understand the question – From the question, we need to select the top 5 ranks. In the Input file, there are multiple rows with the same count.

Step 2: Break down the problem by steps.

2.1. Find unique value from the count column by using Create Groups by “Count” column with the “Summarize Tool”

2.2. Rank the count column by using the “Sort Tool”

2.3. Give the count column numbers by using “Record ID Tool”

2.4. Join the records and Rank together with the “Join Tool”

2.5. Select the top 5 records by using the “Filter Tool”

Step 3: Let’s get started! 

1. Using the Summarize Tool – using group by “Count Column”

2. Using the Sort Tool – Sorting “Count Column” by Descending

3. Using the Record ID Tool to create a Rank Column

4. Using the Join Tool to join Input Tables with the Rank calculated in the previous step. Joining tables by using count columns. Join Tool allows user to remove unwanted column, rename column, change data type, or add description.

5.Using the Sorting tool – Sorting the “Rank” column by Ascending

6.Using the Filter Tool – Select Top 5

As a best practice, Alteryx workflows should be documented for easy understanding. You can check how to document Alteryx flow from Antoneely’s Blog (Alteryx Documentation: Best practices).

I hope this blog give you a head start on building Alteryx workflows. See you guys again in the next blog!

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