Hey everyone, today I want to show you how to use a feature on dashboard called “Control Visibility’ which allows you to switch between sheets using parameter. This allows you to increase the interactivity on your dashboard and be flexible with the sheets that you want to show your audience. In fact, this is a new feature that Tableau recently developed, before this, it was much more complex 😀

Below are the two worksheets that I want to switch to see either of them on my dashboard, one is showing sales by sub-category, and the other is sales over time. To do this, follow the following steps:

Create a parameter as below, keep an eye on data type as string and the allowable values as a list:

  • After that, we need to create 2 calculated fields for the 2 options that we’ve just created as below:

  • Drag the “Sub-category selected” to “Detail” on the mark cards of the sheet showing sales by Sub-category. Same thing done for the sheet showing sales by months using the “Months selected”.


  • Now, go to create a dashboard and drag the 2 sheets on to the dashboard, they should be in a horizontal or vertical container. Show the parameter.

  • Go to layout and tick on “Control visibility using value”, tick on “Sub-Category selected” if your parameter showing “Sales By Sub-Category”, and tick on “Months selected” if your parameter showing “Sales By Months”.

Now, you will be able to switch between the sheets of your choice using parameter. Feel free to do the same steps for more than 2 sheets. If you have any questions, let me know. I hope you found my blog helpful.

See you next time!


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