In Tableau, the INCLUDE level of detail (LOD) expression allows you to specify additional dimensions to include in your calculations, in addition to the dimensions at the level of granularity at which you are aggregating your data. This can be useful when you want to perform calculations that involve additional dimensions, but do not want to change the level of granularity of your data.

Let me give you an example of how you might use an INCLUDE LOD expression in Tableau.

Let’s say we want to find out the average sales by sub-category in each region.


Step one

Drag Region and Sub-Category to the Rows shelf, drag sales to the View and change the measure to average in the Marks.


Step two

Create a calculation field.

{INCLUDE [Sub-Category]: SUM([Sales])}

Drag the Include Sub-Category to the view and change the measure to average in the Marks


As we can that the Include LOD function provides a view of the data by showing the sub-category level of granularity, and the Avg.Sales shows the row-level detail.


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