Tableau Sets are a handy feature for focusing on specific groups of data in your analysis. You create Sets by selecting a dimension and setting conditions or manually selecting members. Sets appear as a new dimension in your data, and you can use them like any other dimension in your analysis.

To make this simpler, to create a Tableau Set, you first select a dimension in the data panel, then right-click and choose “Create Set.” In the dialog box, you can create a Set based on conditions or manually selected members. For example, you can create a Set of profitable sub-categories by setting a condition for profit greater than 0.

Figure 1: create set by condition

Then we drag it onto the Row

Figure 2: drag onto Rows

You can also add color to your analysis by dragging the Set to the Color shelf. This will allow you to visually distinguish between different members of the Set based on color. For example, you can use the Set to color code the sub-categories based on their profitability.

Figure 3: add color

To further customize your Tableau Set, you can edit it by right-clicking on the Set in the data pane and selecting “Edit Set.” This allows you to adjust the conditions or manually select different members. Additionally, you can use Set filters to dynamically change the color of sub-categories by selecting or deselecting them in the Set.

Figure 4: diselecting in set


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