As is known by everyone, KFC and McDonald’s are often found together in many places because they are both popular fast food chains that cater to different tastes and preferences. One reason why they may be located together is that they both serve fast food and are often found in areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls or busy streets. Having both restaurants in the same location can attract a wider range of customers with different tastes and preferences. Another reason is that if someone visits one restaurant, they may see the other and become aware of it. This can help increase brand exposure for both KFC and McDonald’s and potentially lead to more customers in the future.

Therefore, today we are going to explore whether there is any place that has McDonald’s but no KFC within a 500-meter radius.

First, we need to use Overpass Turbo to find all the locations for KFC and McDonald’s and export them as a KML file.

overpass turbo (

After that, we encountered an issue where some of the spatial objects were polygons while others were points, which was not consistent and not acceptable by Tableau. To resolve this, we used the Spatial Info tool in Alteryx to generate a single point for each location.

Now, we are ready to export the data to Tableau! Since we want to find potential opportunities for KFC, we need to identify a place where there is a McDonald’s but no KFC within a 500-meter radius. To do this, we performed a left join of McDonald’s with KFC, which allowed us to find the remaining McDonald’s locations that were not joined with any KFC locations. Additionally, we used the buffer function to create circular shapes with a radius of 500 meters around each McDonald.

Drag the geometry of McDonald’s to the Detail. These are all the McDonald’s locations that either have a KFC within a 500-meter radius or no KFC nearby at all. Now, we need to filter out the McDonald’s locations that have a KFC nearby.

Next, we need to drag the KFC’s record ID to the filter and set the count to be at most 0. This will filter out any McDonald’s locations that have a KFC nearby, leaving us with only the potential opportunities for KFC.

Now we have our map that shows all McDonald’s locations where there is no KFC within a 500-meter radius, which may be considered by KFC to establish their next branch!


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