My first coaching experience has done last week about LWTDSL (Learn what the data school learns), which was a nervous and exciting experience. Today I will share how do I prepare a lesson about the Tableau LOD topic.


1. Identify the Audience: Before you start preparing your lesson on Tableau LOD, you need to know who your audience is. Are they beginners or advanced users? Are they familiar with basic concepts such as data visualization, data aggregation, and calculations? Knowing your audience will help you structure your lesson accordingly and make it more effective.


2. Define the Learning Objectives: Once you know your audience, the next step is to define your learning objectives. What do you want your audience to learn from the lesson? Do you want them to understand the basic concepts of LOD or do you want them to be able to create complex calculations using LOD expressions? Defining your learning objectives will help you structure your lesson and ensure that you cover all the necessary topics.


3. Choose the Topic: Tableau LOD is a vast topic, and there are several aspects to cover. You need to decide on the specific topic you want to cover based on your learning objectives and the needs of your audience. My agenda has included:

4. Create Visuals and Examples: One of the best ways to learn Tableau LOD is by creating visuals and examples that demonstrate the concepts in action. You can use real-world data sets or create your own data to showcase the power of LOD calculations. Creating visuals and examples will help your audience understand the concepts better and enable them to apply them to their own data.


Using visuals to show granular will understand the level of data easily:

Prepare multiple exercises, here what I prepare for Exclude LOD exercise:

5. Present and Evaluate: Finally, you are ready to present your lesson on Tableau LOD to your audience. During the presentation, you should encourage feedback and questions to ensure that your audience has a clear understanding of the concepts. After the presentation, it’s important to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson and identify areas that need improvement.


In conclusion, preparing a lesson on Tableau LOD requires careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can create a lesson that effectively teaches your audience the concepts and skills they need to be successful with Tableau LOD.

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