As a reserved person, speaking in front of mass of people has always been a challenge for me. However, acquiring soft skills such as presentation techniques during my time at The Data School has empowered me to overcome this obstacle.

Key is not to panic but meticulously planning your content, revising your knowledge base, engaging in regular practice and embracing the moment.

Avoid Panic

This is crucial for effective public speaking for several reasons.

  • Clear Thinking: Panic can cloud your thoughts and make it difficult to communicate effectively.
  • Staying Calm: You can think more clearly and articulate your ideas more coherently.
  • Controlled Delivery: Taking short pauses between your delivery allows you to a connect with your ideas and communicate effectively.
Planning Contents

It provides structure, clarity and focus to your presentation. Here is how planning content helps:

  • Organize Structure: Planning helps you organize your ideas logically, ensuring a clear flow of information from introduction to conclusion.
  • Manage Time: It helps allocate time appropriately to each section of your presentation. This ensures you cover essential points and avoid rushing or running out of time.
  • Boost Confidence: Having a well thought out plan gives you confidence as a speaker.
Revising Knowledge Base
  • Accuracy: Revisiting your knowledge base helps you deliver accurate and precise information with less errors.
  • Deeper Understanding: Regular revision deepens your understanding of topic, allowing you to explore ideas from your own perspective and provide insights that resonate with your audience.
  • Ability to Handle Questions: By doing so, you will be better equipped to answer questions confidently and accurately.
Engaging in Regular Practice
  • Refinement of Delivery: Regular practice helps you refine your delivery, including tone, pace, gestures and body language.
  • Improves Articulation and Fluency: It makes easier for you to express your ideas clearly and coherently.
  • Memorization and Recall: Practice enhances your ability to memorize and recall your material, reducing the likelihood of forgetting key points.
Embracing the Moment

It is a powerful mindset that can greatly enhance public speaking abilities.

  • Mindfulness: Embracing the moment requires mindfulness, or practice of being fully present and aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. Mindfulness helps you stay focused and grounded, reducing anxiety and nervousness.

I believe I have been revising and following these steps throughout my training at The Data School. Most importantly, I have learnt to embrace the moment while public speaking.┬áThis shift in mindset has been transformative; instead of rushing through situations, I’ve learned to enjoy each moment and leverage my soft skills to deliver presentations with confidence.

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