Mission Viz Begins!

I have spent almost a decade and a half in teaching Mathematics and Statistics to high school students. I was wondering what next? I needed a mission for my next journey.

After deep SWOT analysis, I figured out, I will be best at visualizations, leveraging my creativity and Mathematical skills. I started learning about Tableau. To be honest, I Googled for best visualization tool and I got the answer. I tried a couple of sources for my initial studies and voila! I was able to create my first viz. It was a feeling at par with a kid who just made her first clay model.

I barely made three visualizations, before I bumped into one of my friends, who introduced me to Data school and their Twitter handle. That was a path breaker. I got a direction; I got a mission.

I started to interact with wizards of viz by submitting my creations to #MakeOverMonday and accepting feedback from them. I stress upon here, those suggestions are really valuable.

Once I was fairly confident, I applied formerly for admission.

Will write about my admission process journey in my next blog. Stay tuned!

The Data School
Author: The Data School