Have you seen beautiful motion charts of Hans Rosling?

Here is a link to his presentation on TED if you haven’t

The best stats you’ve ever seen | Hans Rosling – YouTube

The first time I saw it I thought no way, it’s too difficult to do but Tableau made it so easy you won’t believe it.

Tableau viz animations can be a great tool for your presentations, making it easier to understand and show changes in data to your audience, catch their attention and tell a moving and powerful story. Just like Hans Rosling!

So, where do we start?

To create a motion chart of Changes in Avg. Life Expectancy at birth and Avg. Fertility Rate over the years we start as we normally create a line chart – bring variables to the axis. Drop a country and avg population on size and color, how you like, and year on pages card. Note that the year will be a discrete value.


To enable animation  go to the Format – Animation’s menu and the amination formatting pane will appear on the left side. Customize all other parameters, like the speed you want your chart to be moving with and the style.

And on the right-hand side our amination filter appeared with a play button. That’s how easy it is, Tableau has done all the job for you!

Hit the play button and start your story.


Here are some useful links and videos you might want to check to get a better understanding.

Create data that moves you with viz animations (tableau.com)

How to create animated charts in Tableau (American English) – YouTube




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