Our sixth week in Data School has started with the Client project.

Well, all I can say this Friday evening – we did it!

The week was intense and stressful but gave us all a valuable experience in delivering the result in a short period of time.

We had a client meeting in the morning and got the data. The client wanted to detect the fraudulent activities in the company on different levels and see the visualization of our findings in Tableau.

Though the company has provided us with a lot of Alteryx workflows the data was very complicated and difficult to understand. The team ended up working with data in Alteryx till Thursday night and we had only half a day left to develop a dashboard in Tableau and present it to the client.

I will put some tips here on what to pay attention to and avoid mistakes which we made this week.

  • Always always always (as you can see it’s very important) start the day with a short stand-up meeting where everyone has to report on what they’ve done, what they are doing and what they are planning to do. All the tasks should be pinned to the whiteboard and removed from there when completed. This simple exercise will make the team work together, avoid the repetition of tasks and show if anybody has problems.
  • Work together, communicate with each other and try to help if you have time. Ask for help early and do not wait till the last minute.
  • Communicate with stakeholders promptly. It usually takes some time for them to come back to you with the answers which can slow down your work progress.

Overall, I found working on the client project to be very interesting, where you can apply your knowledge to the real case scenario and learn a lot during this short period of time.

Good luck with your first one!


The Data School
Author: The Data School