My first week at the Data School was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot of new concepts and techniques with the help of my coaches. Here’s what I learned each day:

Day1: Introduction to the Data School

On the first day, we were welcomed and got to know our fellow participants. David smoothly handled housekeeping duties for a smooth start. Our diverse cohort, from theatre lighting to journalism, brought exciting perspectives and allowed us to broaden our own and gain new insights. An open mind is essential for exploring the full potential of our collective ideas.

Day 2: Data 101

Day 2 of the program was expertly led by Bethany on-site, who boasts a strong background in Applied Mathematics. Being one of the earlier participants of the Data School, her in-depth knowledge in the subject was showcased during the session. For me personally, the material covered was a valuable review of what I had previously learned in university, but even for those with prior knowledge, the session provided a deeper understanding of the topics.

The training was comprehensive, covering a range of subjects, from color selection to choosing the right chart to effectively convey insights. Bethany emphasised the significance of using the right visual aids to communicate clearly and concisely. By the end of the day, we were eager to apply what we had learned by examining three different dashboards, identifying areas for improvement, and presenting our own solutions. This exercise reinforced the idea that design is a continual process and that there is no one perfect solution.

Day 3 and Day 4: Get Your Hands Dirty

Day 3 and 4 were intense, yet enriching, as we learned Tableau with mentors Ross and Chantel’s hands-on approach. Demos were given and we were encouraged to practice and perfect our skills. Our mentors were always available for support and answering questions. On Wednesday evening, we had a wonderful opportunity to network with previous cohorts and Data Schoolers at a cozy bar, where we relaxed and gained valuable insights from others in the field.

Day 5: Makeover Friday!

On Day 5, we are given the exciting task of enhancing one of our previous projects! This challenge allows us to put our newly acquired skills into practice and aim for excellence. We are encouraged to focus on color, chart design, layout, and location, ensuring our dashboard not only presents the data effectively, but also looks visually appealing. Our goal is to present our makeover at 3 pm and share the improvements we made and the reasoning behind them. Following our presentation, we received valuable feedback from our mentors and peers, helping us grow and reach new heights.  Overall, I am thrilled to continue my journey at the Data School and am eager to see what the future holds for me.



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