Embarking on a new career and life journey in the Data School has been a thrilling experience for me. I like the way that the data school recruit new cohorts, in which they care more about the passion for data analysis other than working or education background. Although applicants do not have to show a well-organized resume, we have to spend a lot more time on the two-application tableau viz.

The first week of training was both interesting and intense, as I delved into new techniques for creating interactive dashboards using parameters. Despite my previous experience with Tableau, I had never utilized this feature before.

Here is a quick review of how to use parameters.

(Example is from the change of my final interview dashboard of NBA dataset)

1. Create a parameter, such as “Top N in this season”.

2.Incorporate the parameter in the filter.

3.Display the filter and select either the slider or text input options to provide an interactive window for the dashboard.

Of course, there are many other ways to apply parameters, including incorporating them into calculated fields or reference lines.

Overall, my beginning experience at data school has been an exciting and challenging journey, and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in this field.

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