My job-hunting journey to The Data School is continuing …

I spent my time seeking job positions via and eventually found a challenging job advertisement for which I had to do a project to apply and then present it online to the company’s specialists.
After passing this step, they asked me to do another data project and present it at the office to other managers. As the last step, I would be interviewed by HR managers as well, after the technical interview.

I worked hard on my project and practiced my presentation. It was my first interview experience in Australia. I was very shocked and stressed. It was the time to prepare for an effective job interview! I found some helpful contents online and prepared my presentation. I also had researched the company and the role thoroughly to show my serious efforts to get the job.

On the interview day, I tried to be on time and calm my nerves to do my best. The managers were very welcoming. They had set the technology tools in advance and provided me with a positive vibe to have a comfortable interview.
At the end of my presentation, they asked me their questions and I tried to answer them as best as I could. I also asked about my chance to get the job.

In the other Interview with HR managers, they asked me typical interview questions about my previous experiences, soft skills for the role and future perspectives. They were as friendly as someone whom you have known for years.

After the interview, I was very happy. I was satisfied with my performance. Even though I could do it better. As the first interview, it was very fruitful for me. I learned new things from them and gained valuable experience and especially it could give me my first job!

Two days later, I was going to send an email to them to give my thanks for giving me the opportunity, but all of a sudden my phone rang and I received the good news from the company. I was very happy and cheerful. I had got the job which was exactly what I wanted and fought for it.

Finally, they sent all documents, such as the contract, the company’s terms and conditions and the Australian workplace rules. After reading the documents and asking my questions, I signed and sent them back through.

After a few days, I got a welcoming event invitation from the company and joined that. It was great. All of my colleagues were very happy and friendly. I had really missed this vibrant energetic collaborative workplace relationships, so I made lots of new friends.

I feel more happy now. The most important thing is that I have my own job and I can contribute to the Australian community as an independent woman. I think it’s one of the interesting feelings in life. I suggest everyone who is looking for a job, first determine what they want to do and what their goals are. Then, find the ways to achieve them.

You should not be stopped by your temporary limitations such as language, Immigration, needing to improve required skills. Initially, you might need to spare more time and energy. But in the following, everything will happen sequentially and make you motivated to continue. It might seem like hiking up mountains and down hills, but you can imagine it like surfing on top of waves, so you will enjoy it. It’s worth it. trust me. Try it!

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