My job-hunting journey to The Data School.

I am Ayda. I have migrated to Australia a few months ago, and here I want to share my job-

hunting journey with you!!!

For all migrants, finding a decent occupation suitable with their experience and expertise is always a

challenge. We need to learn so many things: language, culture, values as well as techniques of

finding an occupation. Although it is always difficult to relearn all these things from scratch which is

even boring and frustrating at times, we must achieve them in order to be a valuable member of

the public and have a quality life.

My major obstacle to find a job in Australia was learning English. Therefore, I put lots of efforts and

time into improving my English through taking online courses to enrolling to English classes.

Further, I had decided to continue my career in data analytics instead of IT, because I felt more passion towards this fields. However, this transition posed a new challenge to me as I was trying to acquire a job for which I needed to extend my data experience.

To achieve this, I first needed to educate myself and learn the skills necessary for this job. Therefore, I enrolled into some online courses to enhance my knowledge around data analytics and get some hands-on experience in solving data related issues.

At the next stage, I had to learn how to find a job: which job posting websites to use, how to apply for jobs, what the requirements are for each vacancy and how I can demonstrate them.

Then, I started reaching out to people around me to seek their job-hunting experience and catch some worthy tips to apply in my resume or cover letters. Once my resume and cover letter were ready, I started applying for some positions.

After several tries, employers started to respond. Even though I had received some job advertising

messages from recruiters for IT related jobs, I was determined to pursue my career in the data field.

I spent my time seeking job positions on the Internet and eventually found a challenging job

advertisement for which I had to do a project to apply and then present it online to the company’s

specialists. After passing this step, they asked me to do another data project and present it at the

office to other managers. As the last step, I would be interviewed by HR managers as well, after the

technical interview. I worked hardly on my project and practiced my presentation. It was my first

interview experience in Australia. I was excited and a bit stressed. Can you now guess where that amazing company is?!

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Ayda Akbarzadeh, May 2022

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