This week’s client project was very different from all the projects we’ve done before and required a bit of a different approach. I had to do a lot of research in order to understand how we can deliver the information in a creative way.

In this blog I will share one of the ways to add some additional color to your dashboard or create an impressive cover for the presentation.

The steps are below:

Open Sample Superstore dataset in Tableau.

Create a calculated field TC_Max Sales

Create  a calculated field TC_Size

Then create the below chart

Go into TC_max Sales layer and change it into Gantt, bring TC_Size to Size and then remove Sum(Sales) from the Rows shell. You should have something like this now

Now we need to format out chart by removing row dividers and changing column dividers to white. Set a level to Max under the column divider. Remove the headers of the axises and the titles . Now we are ready to create our dashboard.

Add an image first and then drag your sheet to the dashboard, set both as floating and resize to fit the entire dashboard. Your sheet should be on top of the image. To be able to see  the image we need to format our chart a bit more  by changing the bars color to white and the worksheet color to None ( to make it transparent).

This is how your Dashboard should look like at this stage

To remove the gaps between the bars we change the size of the bar to maximum and just play a bit with both sheets adjusting the layout to remove all unnecessary gaps. And here we go, the final look of our dashboard

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