This blog is a demonstration to use latest parameter actions feature of Tableau 2019.2. It helps to drill down in the selected category of a bar graph to further explore its components.

1. This sheet is showing the sum of sales for each Category for Sample superstore data.

2. Add parameter for Category list. Also, add NONE in the categories list.

3. Create a calculated field to show subcategory if one category is selected and add it to colours.

4. Add worksheet action to drill category to subcategory on select.

5. We also need to create a None button sheet to clear the drill. Create a calculated field as None.

6. Also, add worksheet action to clear drill on selecting NONE in parameter through none button on this sheet.

7. Add both the sheets on the dashboard and add dashboard actions like one on sheets.

8. So, on selecting a bar it breaks down further in subcategories and clears on clicking on None Button.


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