Alteryx Adventure

Alteryx Adventure is a gamification initiative crafted by JLL to foster proficiency in Alteryx Designer. The Adventure is filled will challenges tailored to hone users’ Alteryx skills. As users complete these challenges, they will be rewarded with badges to celebrate milestones in their evolving expertise.

The Alteryx Adventure Dashboard is a key part of this initiative. It not only empowers users to monitor their individual progress but also stacks their accomplishments against peers, friends, and colleagues on a dynamic leaderboard.

Crafted for Power BI users, this dashboard is modelled after the original Alteryx Adventure Tableau Dashboard. It not only retains the visual appeal and functionality of its Tableau counterpart but also utilises the original’s setup process. This ensures a user-friendly experience for both newcomers and those transitioning from Tableau to Power BI.

This implementation guide will assist you in connecting the Power BI Alteryx Adventure Dashboard with your data, ensuring you make the most of its features and capabilities.

Setting up a SharePoint Site

For a streamlined experience, consider setting up a new SharePoint site specifically for this dashboard. Alternatively, you can upload the Alteryx Adventure Data folder into an existing site.

The Alteryx Adventure Data folder should contain:

  • Individual Details and Progress: Outputs derived from the Alteryx Adventure workflow.
  • Badge and ChallengeRename: These are supplementary CSV files included with this dashboard.

Refreshing the Data

There are three methods to keep your data current:

  1. Direct Upload to SharePoint:
    • Upload the updated Individual Details and Progress CSV files directly to the SharePoint site.
    • This method requires minimal setup but necessitates manual updates each time data changes.
  2. Sync Using OneDrive:
    • If you have OneDrive configured on your device, initiate a sync for the Alteryx Adventure Data folder.
    • This action creates a OneDrive folder on your device that will auto-sync with the corresponding SharePoint folder.
    • Afterward, direct the Output tools in your Alteryx workflow to deposit the Individual Details and Progress files into this synced folder.
  3. Output Directly to SharePoint via Alteryx:
    • Using the SharePoint Output Tool, you can output the Individual Details and Progress directly from your Alteryx workflow to your Alteryx Adventure Data folder on SharePoint.
Connecting the Power BI workbook to SharePoint

Launch the Alteryx Adventure Dashboard Power BI workbook. In the Home Tab, click ‘Transform Data’ to access the Power Query Editor.

On the left panel, click the ‘SharePoint Folder’ Query. On the right, select the ‘Source’ step.

The current query should read: = SharePoint.Contents("<SharePoint Folder URL>", [ApiVersion = 15])

  • Substitute <SharePoint Folder URL> with the actual URL of your SharePoint Site.

Once you’ve validated your access, pinpoint the directory containing your data files by selecting the relevant Table within the Content column.

Since other queries in the Power Query Editor link to the SharePoint Folder query, they’ll auto-update when you locate the correct folder.

Common Adjustments

Height Adjustment

The dashboard, as currently set up, maximizes Power BI’s height allowance. This setup aims to display many users simultaneously in the Leaderboard. If you have fewer users, this might result in trailing blank spaces. Adjust the dashboard’s height by tweaking the canvas setting on the page as necessary.

The height of the dashboard can be configured as required by adjusting the canvas setting for the page.

Incorporating in New Challenges

You might wish to introduce more challenges for users, like integrating Alteryx Micro-Credentials.

To display these new challenges aptly on the dashboard:

  1. Modify the ChallengeRename file in your SharePoint folder.
    • Under the ‘Challenge’ column, add the challenge name from your Alteryx workflow (refer to the Challenge column in the Individual Details file for guidance).
    • For the ‘Label’ column, input the challenge’s display name.
  2. Adjust the display order of challenges by editing values in the ‘Order’ column.


I hope that this guide has been helpful in facilitating the dashboard implementation within your organisation.

Best of luck on your Alteryx Adventure!

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