Welcome back to my blog! This time I will show you how to build line chart showing percent change from selected date. Chart should go above and below 0%.

Hint: Use of Parameter Action and Table Calculation

Steps to reproduce above viz.

Step 1: Build a line chart using month of Date and a Measure on y-axis. Drag Dimension (Company in this example) to color shelf.

Step 2: Create Date Parameter and Parameter Action

Creating Date Parameter

Create Parameter Action configured using Actions under Worksheet tab in Tableau.

Step 3: Create a Reference Line from Analytics pane and drag it across table on top of Date field.

Go to Analytics Pane, drag ‘Reference Line’ into view and drop it into ‘Table’ option.


Step 4: Create calculated field using WINDOW_MAX function 

To know more about WINDOW_MAX function, please refer to this link: https://help.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/functions_functions_tablecalculation.htm#windowmaxexpression-start-end

Step 5: Create another calculated field to calculate % change

Step 6: Drag pc change field and replace with a Measure ‘Close’.

Step 7: That’s our Dashboard


That is how we can create an interactive viz into a dashboard showing % change from Selected Date.

Hope this is helpful…


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