I listened to a podcast this morning about presentations, and it reminded me of how challenging it was for me when I first started. As a consultant, presentations are a critical component of success in the career. Presenting in a professional manner builds trust with clients. In this blog, I will be providing some tips for presentations.

1. Rehearse for a polished presentation: Rehearsing what you plan to present can help you build confidence and review the content of your presentation.

2. Prepare script: Writing my own script ensures that I capture everything I want to present. I always bring my script with me when presenting as a backup plan in case I forget what I need to say.

3. Prepare yourself: Before presenting, it’s good to prepare yourself physically. Take a few minutes to freshen up, stretch your body, or do whatever helps you relieve nervousness.

4. Get comfortable in front of the room: It can be difficult to feel comfortable when you first start presenting, but over time you will become more comfortable and even look forward to your next presentation.

These are just a few tips to help improve your next presentation. See you all in the next blog.


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