The last 16 weeks of training have flown by! I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt over the training period. Although it has been a whirlwind I think it’s important to take a step back and reflect on all the amazing experiences I’ve had.


Technical Skills

Before joining the data school, I had only used Tableau for my application and had never even heard of Alteryx. After just a few weeks of intensive training in Tableau and Alteryx, we all received our Alteryx Core Certification. A few weeks later we were all Tableau Certified too. The training was very fast-paced and at times I found it hard to keep up. However,  it prepared me well both for my exams and hopefully my placements going forward. Along with learning these two products, we also received training in SQL and Power BI.


Soft Skills

Aside from all the technical skills we’ve learnt, we also had the opportunity to pick up many soft skills. We had training sessions on presentation skills and got to put in to practise what we’d learnt by standing up and presenting every Friday. I definitely feel as though my presentation skills have come along way. I remember how nervous I was before my first-ever presentation whereas now I feel much more confident when presenting. We also learnt a lot about consulting skills and agile project management.


Client Weeks

Client weeks gave us the perfect opportunity to practise both the technical and soft skills we were learning. Client weeks involved meeting a new client on Monday, receiving a dataset and a series of business questions. We would then work on the project throughout the week along with training sessions. We would start by performing data discovery and trying to understand the business rules. Throughout the week we worked hard to find insights and create dashboards to answer the client’s questions. There were quite a few weeks where it felt as though we weren’t going to have anything ready to present on Friday. However, we always managed to pull it together before presenting to the client by 3 pm on Friday. Client weeks were always fast-paced, high pressure and very challenging but I learnt a lot from them.



Joining the data school has been an amazing opportunity! Not only have I learnt more than I thought possible but I’ve also made many close friends and met so many inspiring people. I can’t wait to start the next stage of the data school and learn even more on my first placement!

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