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My Data School journey started sometime in September/October last year in 2018. I clearly remember being excited and anxious at the same time while submitting my application with a mixed feeling of fear and joy. My primary motivation in joining The Data School was to get the exposure and get myself more involved with the fantastic data geeks. It was indeed a thrilling experience for me, as I only had the background in Tableau at a beginner level. However, at Data School it was more of a faced paced version of both Tableau and Alteryx. In short, this is how my next 12 weeks looked like – Monday to Friday – hustling at the Data School with clients and on the Weekends studying while preparing for the certification.

Honestly, it was a challenging ride, BUT, totally worth it!!

My Learning – Technology

I can now proudly say, I am an Alteryx Designer Core Certified and Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certified.

Well if you ask me if I have anticipated this six months back – absolutely not! I have had been contemplating on getting certification under my belt. I guess the added pressure makes you tougher. During my time at data school, I got the opportunity to work on numerous dashboards from various industries. Both Alteryx and Tableau has different strengths, Alteryx being the master in ETL and Tableau the visualisation guru it helped me upscale my learning as well as the ability to play with data. Given every week the data set to provide to us varied, I can proudly say it has broadened my thought process towards data visualisation and given me many new ideas.

Working under the pump
At the Data School, for 7 weeks, every Friday we had to present a real client with a solutions dashboard. We would get debriefed mostly on Mondays and then present the findings and analyses the same Friday. If the data is complex and has many data points, it does get tricky. In the beginning, it was difficult to work under these timelines; however, with practice and teamwork, we got better and made it happen every time. This set-up pushed us to perform our best and deliver our best; personally, this pushed me a lot.

Looking back
Last 16-weeks were full on for all of us at the Data School, and for me to it was a roller coaster. From data skills to soft skills to meet new people, different clients and most importantly getting to do what I enjoy the most. I clearly remember the first few weeks being the tensest for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect – stakes were high, and my spirit was full on. However, as soon as I got the hang of the tools and did a few presentations, it felt right, and I started to feel more confident. As they rightly say, practice makes you perfect.

In the end…
For anyone seeking to learn and gain a lifetime of experience, I wouldn’t think twice to recommend The Data School Down Under. I guess I got lucky with the kind of people I met, the mentors and timing were perfect for me. I want to thank the team at The Data School for having me and giving me this opportunity to find this data side in me and making all this happen.

In retrospect, my tableau public and my blogs speak for itself. It’s been a journey from where I started to where I have reached, I have gained a lot and surely it doesn’t end here still got a long way to go.

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