I am using Radial Pie Gauge Chart to show dummy data for Video Streaming Services people use.

1. The dummy survey data was recorded in an excel sheet and an assumption was made that people use multiple services.

2. Duplicate sheet by the union to itself in tableau.

3. We need to create several calculated fields to create the graph. First, create a Path calculated field to draw points.

4. Create bins from Path with bin size 1.

5. Create a calculated field named %.

6. Create a calculated field Index for creating different points on the graph.

7. Create calculated field Pi.

8. Create calculated field Start for getting individual lines for each service.

9. Create a calculated field Bar.

10. Create calculated field X for the x-axis.

11. Create calculated field Y for the y-axis.

12. Put Path(bins) to detail.

13. Drag X and Y fields to Columns and Rows respectively. Change X and Y to calculate using Path(bins).

14. Change graph type to the polygon.

15. Put Index in path shelf.

16. Drag Services to the colour shelf.

17. To add labels, create calculated field Y2.

18. Drag Y2 to rows and change it to a dual axis.

19. Change Index to be calculated Table (across).

20. Sync axis and remove measure names from colour.

21. Change Y2 graph type to circle.

22. Put Services to the label shelf for Y2.

23. Format graph to remove grid lines and hide headers.

24. Put Percentage also in the label for Y2 and format labels.

25. Format background and give an appropriate title.

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