Hey everyone,

If someone is looking for a tip to swap worksheets in the dashboard using filter, I would like to share what I learnt.

We are going to create two charts as an example such as Sales and Profit KPI in two different worksheet and use parameter filter to swap them in dashboard.

Step 1: Simply create a viz using Sales and Month of Order date from Sample Superstore data in Tableau.

Step 2: Similarly, create one for Profit.

Step 3: Create a Parameter and name it anything like KPIs. 




Note: Try to keep values of a list as name of sheets, you can have your choice with Display As.





Step 4: Create calculated field and probably name it as Swap KPI.

Step 5: Drag calculated field into filter and choose ‘Custom value list’ option. 


Note: You have to add correct value in filter. For example, if you want to filter in Profit, then at correct sheet i.e. Profit in this case, apply this filter as shown in right.

To check if Parameter filter is working, you can choose between values, if you choose other than Profit in this case, worksheet will be blank.












Step 6: Now build a dashboard, but make sure you utilize container in dashboard, otherwise this would not work. 

  • drag horizontal container preferably, fixed not floating, in the view.
  • use other two horizontal containers for each worksheet to swap.
  • drag sheets in each container respectively.







Step 7: Hide titles and dashboard should look like 


Thank You.

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