In this blog, I would like to introduce 3 easy shortcuts in Tableau. When I started learning how to use Tableau before I joined The Data School, I was struggling with it. This blog will help you 3 important shortcuts that will help you use Tableau. In this demonstration, I will use the Superstore dataset.

1. Right-click & Drag: This will show the drop field window. With this you can select how you want to drop the field in 1 step. The window will prompt you to select how you want to show the data by SUM, AVG, MEDIAN, etc.

2. Control & Drag: This shortcut helps you to duplicate existing pills on the shelf. This is the fastest way to copy pills without redoing all previous steps.

3. Double click: Add value in the text table by double clicking.

This is just a small number of Tableau tips. You will find more tips when you start your learning journey with Tableau. Stay tuned and keep learning new tips for Tableau.


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