For our first Tableau Dashboard challenge, we were asked to connect to the Cooper Hewitt Museum API and find interesting insights in the data. The website for the API can be found here: I chose to explore the items list, which was a list of the souvenirs sold by the museum and contained data on the item name along with its unique ID, brand name, and the brand ID. Unfortunately, there was no data regarding the sales of the items. Here is the Alteryx workflow I used to connect to the API, clean the data, and export the data to a CSV file.

Tableau dashboard

The idea of the dashboard was for the user to explore the different souvenirs that were sold by the museum, and to create a list of the items sold by the product and brand name. The second part of the dashboard allows the user to explore the common souvenirs that are common gifts for people in different countries. This would allow the user to quickly decide what gifts to purchase at the museum that are appropriate for their friends or family living in different countries. 


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