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Today, I am going to share very simple steps to create Heat Map in Tableau, looks difficult but believe me its one of the easiest charts to make. It not only helps to show –

  1. Text table in the form of viz.
  2. Also provides better insights about the numbers which is otherwise difficult to decipher using text table.

Lets start! Take any dataset. In my case I am using ABS 2021 census dataset, where I would like to analyze in which suburb of QLD, the most of the immigrants residing.

  1. Drag Country field on the Columns and suburbs on the rows panel. So, you need two dimensions which you can place on Columns and rows. Next to convert this into a text table, drag your measure (count of immigrants in this case) to Text option of Marks card..
  2. Covert the chart type to Square in the Marks card


3. Still the table is not making any sense. To make it insightful, drag your measure on the colour panel of Marks card. Here you go, the information is much more evident now, where we can see the high and low numbers based on color scheme.

4. For this particular case, there are lots of 0 values. To get rid of that. I created a calculated field for showing the numbers greater then 0 and put it in the filter and select True.

5. Here, we can see the difference in the measure values, more insightful then regular text table.

Use Heat map now instead of Text Table in your dashboard.



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