Welcome to the unofficial Tableau Public Pre-Submission Checklist, the ultimate list of all the things you wish you knew to do before you submit a Viz to the Tableau Public Gallery!

1. Check Your Viz

The first thing you should do is absolutely check your Viz. Does your Viz tell the story you want it to tell? Are the numbers correct? Are there any typos? Make sure your calculations are correct and your filters, highlights, parameters, sets, and actions work the way you want them to work.

2. Fix Your Tooltips

The easiest way to add some polish to your Viz is to fix your tooltips. The standard tooltip format is straight up ugly. You have two options, turn them off completely, or write them in plain sentences.

Bonus tip: Turn off Include Command Buttons

3. Show Someone

You’ve worked on your Viz and you know the story you want it to tell. But show literally anyone else and their experience will be vastly different to yours. Always seek feedback from other people before you submit. And take that feedback into account before you do.

4. Rename Your Workbook

Rename your workbook to something sensible instead of ‘Untitled Workbook V3_Final_V1_Real’. It shows up in the URL.

5. Rename Your Sheets/Data Sources

While you’re at it, just rename all of your Sheets and Data Sources as something appropriate too. Every Sheet that you publish gets listed at the bottom right of the page in the More Details section.

6. Hide All Sheets

The next step for making your Viz Tableau Public ready is to Right Click a Dashboard Tab and Hide All Sheets. It makes your workbook look cleaner and definitely more professional.

7. Save your Default View

Whatever view you are currently looking at when you SAVE your workbook is the view that will show up when you open it. Similarly, its the default view in Tableau Public.

8. Write an Appropriate Description

Give people either a reason to look at your Viz or an explanation of what it is. But give them the extra information that gives context to what your Viz is and why you made it. It seems like kindof a waste of time, but even a little bit of effort into the description will add some value to your Viz.

9. Check Your Dashboard Performance

Dashboard performance on Tableau Public is not great. Tooltips, highlights, filters, and dashboard actions all load slower on Public than on your computer. Check to make sure that the actual usability of your dashboard is acceptable. For every additional second it takes your dashboard to load in browser, the more likely your viewers are going to stop looking.

10. Show Someone Else

You’ve shown someone already and they gave you feedback. Now show them again and show someone else. Get more feedback from people you know, and when you’re feeling confident enough…

11. Push it to the Rest of Internet

Publishing on Tableau Public is only the first step. Now its time to share it with everyone else. Push it to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, anywhere. Get your name out there. Show people what you can do, and find more strangers to give you more feedback.

12. Fix It

Finally, you take all that feedback and criticisms of your Viz, and you fix it. You can always reupload a newer version of the workbook to Tableau Public. Just because you have published, doesn’t mean you’re done.


Anyway, that’s my unofficial Tableau Public Pre-Submission Checklist! If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment below!



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