In this post, I want to share some of the Tableau tips I found useful which I didn’t know about. Hopefully they will save you time or frustration down the road.


How to find all calculated fields in the side bar?

When working with a large dataset we sometimes create a lot of calculated fields and then it becomes difficult to remember all the names and find them. Have you noticed this filter icon near the search option? Here you can sort all the field by calculation, dimension, measure and comments.


Tip #2

How to remove “abc” from the table with dimensions

There are two ways to do that.

First – change the marks card to Polygon and then just adjust the empty field on the table and format the boarders.

Second way is to create a calculated field and bring it to “Text” under Automatic Marks card.

Tip #3

How to move field headers from the bottom to the top for the vertical axis chart.

Tableau default behavior is to put headers to the bottom of the vertical axis chart.

To change that we go to the Analysis menu – Table Layout – Advanced and Untick the option for the bottom view.

Tip #4

How to use “up” and “down” arrows in numbers formatting

If we have the below table and want to highlight negative and positive percentage better we can go to number format and go under custom tab.

Here you can put negative number into brackets and indicate the sign with the arrows as well.

You can copy the shapes for the arrows from this website  Geometric Shapes — Unicode Character Table (  and just paste it in tableau.



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