The first week at the data school was amazing! I particularly enjoyed the view from our office, facing the Sydney Tower and watching people stroll around the city. My dream job has finally come true. 🙂

1st Day
Welcome to the Data School! Let’s take a tour of the office and discuss data security measures while we work. It’s crucial to keep our data safe from all sources, especially considering the numerous data leak incidents that occurred last year, causing many customers to lose trust in those companies. We must keep our sensitive information private, even when chatting with friends or family, to safeguard our company’s reputation. On a personal note, I now have my own laptop, thanks to the Data School.

2nd and 3rd day
I had the pleasure of learning Tableau with Bethany and David, who both provided excellent instruction on the fundamental and advanced skills. I gained a lot of fantastic ideas from them, and despite having prior experience with Tableau, I still discovered some basic skills that I was unfamiliar with. This experience has empowered me to take on even more challenging data analysis projects in the future. In fact, I feel like I’m back in my university days, fully immersed in the learning experience.

4th day
Today was our first presentation day, and in the morning, Bethany informed us about the topic for the presentation, which was to fix our dashboard from our previous interview or application. I opted to work on my final dashboard because I had put a lot of effort into it, despite not being entirely satisfied with the result. I viewed this as an opportunity to redesign it from scratch and address any issues that arose. To achieve my new vision, I created new parameters and calculation fields.

During the presentation, I was incredibly nervous, but it turned out well. I began by stating, “Today, I will be judging myself based on my final interview.” Although I made several changes, the resulting dashboard was completely different from the original one. Bethany gave me excellent feedback, but I realized that there is still much room for improvement. Nevertheless, I am confident in the Data School and believe that I will make significant progress in the future.

5th day
Happy Easter!

The Data School
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