Let’s create radial chart !!!

The sample will use U.S international travel

  1. Union the dataset and create the calculation filed

    name “path Order” -> IIF([Table Name] = “Dataset US international travel.csv”, 0, 1)
    drop “path order” from measure to tables
  2. Create Parameters, “Radial inner (0.7)” and “Radial outer(1)”
  3. Create “Radial Field” [Departures] -> ‘’scheduled”+”chartered”
  4. Create “Radial Angle” -> (INDEX()-1)*(1/WINDOW_COUNT(COUNT([Radial Field])))*2*PI()
  5. Radial Normalised Length -> [Radial inner]+ IIF(ATTR([path Order]) = 0, 0, SUM([Radial Field])/WINDOW_MAX(SUM([Radial Field]))*([Radial outer]-[Radial inner]))
  6. Radial X -> [Radial Normalised Length]*COS([Radial Angle]) -> computing to “Date”
  7. Radial Y -> [Radial Normalised Length]* SIN([Radial Angle]) -> computing to “Date”
  8. Drop Radial Y and X to column and row
    Measure_flight to colour
    Date to detail
    path Order to Path

  9. Then you will get very beautiful radial chart 🙂
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