Understanding the Interactivity of the New Button Slicer Introduced in the November 2023 Update.

A crucial aspect of report design lies in the ability to interact with visuals using slicers. While Power BI’s slicers have offered basic functionalities for interaction, their appearance has seen minimal changes since their inception. However, with the introduction of the new button slicer, significant cosmetic enhancements have been made, eliminating the need to download custom slicers. Leveraging data from the Oscars in Workout Wednesday Challenge 47, we can explore the extensive flexibility the new slicer brings to the table.

Similar to the tile slicer, the button slicer requires a field on which the cards within the slicer will be based. In this example, the ‘award’ field contains categories such as ‘Best Actor,’ ‘Best Actress,’ and ‘Best Director.’

The formatting options are where the magic truly begins:

Card Shape: The shape of the cards can be styled similarly to a button, enabling users to define shapes and round edges based on their preferences.

Layout Adjustment: Users can modify the layout alignment and space between cards, offering a customizable visual experience.

Label Feature: The addition of labels provides an extra layer of detail to the slicer, offering a concise overview. In this example, the ‘person count’ is used as a label, showcasing the number of winners in each category.

Image Integration: Utilizing a column containing image URLs, pictures can be added to the cards. The state of the image can also be modified, allowing specific settings for each state. In this instance, a single image of an Oscar is used for all three categories, but customization is possible for different images on each card. A saturation and blur effect have been added to the image on hover.

Button Functionality: The button functionality treats cards like buttons, providing flexibility in handling different states such as default, hover, and on-press differently.


By employing this slicer, you have the opportunity to elevate the aesthetic and interactive elements of your reports. Try it out yourself by taking on the Workout Wednesday Challenge 47.


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