The stone started rolling!

As promised in my previous citing, here I am with my experience with the admission process.

Data School expects candidates to have a basic knowledge of Tableau to at least enable to demonstrate your aptitude and passion for data visualization & analysis.

I chose one data set from and made a visualization for my submission. The more I was working on it the more I was liking the tool.

While I was preparing my creation, I got a chance for a meet and greet event in The Data School in Sydney. It turned out to be a valuable event for me. I got a lot of insights and was honored to meet coaches and alumni there. They all were so motivating that I started to feel that I took the right decision.

To submit an application for admission, one has to upload the visualization on Tableau Public and send its link to The Data School.

After around a week, I got an email from The Data School. Marc Schonwandt was assigned to evaluate my application. As I mentioned earlier, The Data School wants to see the passion, agility, and receptivity of the candidate. Marc suggested a few modifications and enhancements in my work. He thoroughly evaluated each and everything and gave his unambiguous feedback. It was more like working in collaboration with Marc. Once I was done with the changes, I submitted my work again.

A few days later, I had to present my work online. The interaction lasted for around 45 mins. Initially, I was a bit nervous, but Craig was very supportive.

Then came the final round. I was given a set of data and was asked to make a visualization out of it and analyze. I was given sufficient time of around 10 days to work on this. I was free to interact and take guidance from coaches in The Data School. That was the best thing. I submitted the initial draft and quickly got feedback from able coaches which I did and resubmitted the final version.

On the day of the final presentation, I was asked to make a live presentation of my work. There were judges in front of me, there was cross-questioning, there was expert advice and there was fun!

Then a short period of wait. Wait for results, wait for my new career.

The good news came through a phone call from Craig himself.

I was in The Data School Down Under. I am in the process of becoming a refined Data Analyst soon.

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