In this blog, I am going to give some tips for anyone starting the Data School’s training program. I would define this program as a high-intensity Data Analyst training course. This course includes hard skills, soft skills, and real-life projects.

For someone who does not have any background knowledge in data, I highly recommend preparing yourself a bit before the training program starts. However, do not panic if you do not prepare yourself because the program is designed to cover everything from Data 101. I do not have a strong background in data analysis, but I believe that towards the end of the program I will become a data analyst because I have a passion for data. It is rewarding but it requires hard work. Here are 4 tips before you dive deep into the data.


1. Passion is key

To be able to study something intensively, including after-hours, you need to be passionate about it. Also, being passionate will make you “do the extra miles”, such as doing extra exercises. Therefore, passion is key to success.

2. Get yourself into study mode and keep working hard

With this intensive program, you need to catch up on daily lessons to be able to develop your understanding in the next lesson the next day. However, there is always someone willing to support you.

3. Get familiar with the basics of data – Data 101

You will dive deep into data in this course. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics. A strong foundation will help you learn faster and become more advanced during the course. However, do not worry, the Data School will make sure that they cover the fundamentals.

4. Get your head around Tableau and Alteryx

It is a good idea to understand the concepts of these tools and what they can do. Then you will know what to expect from the lessons. If you want to do extra miles, there are lots of free sources to pre-study about the tools. The best place to start with is the official website (Tableau & Alteryx).

The Data School has built a supportive environment among coaches and colleagues, which allows all trainees to learn at their own pace and ultimately achieve the same expertise. Also, the Data School is a global company, so it provides your connections worldwide. From my 3 weeks experience with the Data School, the program goes beyond my expectation. I admit that this program is hard work for me, but I feel rewarded at the same time. I have learned much more than I could have imagined.


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