By the end of week two of training, we were all thoroughly familiar with Alteryx. Our next step was to clear the Alteryx Designer Core exam. The Alteryx Designer Core exam is a free certification exam that tests your understanding of the core toolset along with your ability to solve real-world problems using Alteryx Designer.

Here are some tips and resources that helped me pass my exam.

  • Take the time to read through the Exam Prep Guide, which explains the format and ways to prepare for the test.
  • Practice the weekly challenges posted on the Alteryx community website. Choose the challenges that correspond with the certification level – core.
    Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome (Page 1) – Alteryx Community
    Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome (Page 2) – Alteryx Community
  • The resource that I found to be the most useful was the interactive lessons on the Alteryx website. The interactive lessons provide step-by-step instructions about each tool using short videos with mini quizzes at the end. These short videos were a good way for me to recall my training. These lessons can take a couple of hours to complete. Hence, I would suggest dedicating time each day to finish them.
    Interactive Lessons – Alteryx Community
  • Familiarize yourself with One tool examples. One Tool examples provide a quick way of looking at the different configuration options for each tool. When taking the exam, these examples can help save time.

    One Tool Example of Cross Tab

  • As a part of the exam, you need to download a few sample datasets and solve them in Alteryx. Hence, I recommend using two screens – one for the exam and another for Alteryx.
  • Lastly, if there are any questions that you are unsure about, you can flag them and revisit them at the end of the exam.

I hope these tips were helpful in your preparation. Good luck!


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