It’s now the second day of dashboard week, and we have an exciting topic. Today we get to investigate UFO sightings all over the world. They didn’t give the dataset but rather the website wherein we can extract the data. If you want to have a go with the data, you can scrape the data from this website.

Data fields:

  1. Number of sightings
  2. Country
  3. State,
  4. Date
  5. Shape
  6. ef summary of the sighting.
  7. Duration of the UFO before it disappeared

There weren’t many fields to explore, so I only focused on the number of sightings in the USA since most of them were from that country. It seems that UFOs do like to attract attention in US skies.

When it comes to data that has geographic fields, I always like to make visualisations with maps because I can do a few designs on my dashboard based on my map colour. I can blend the map colour with my dashboard colour using the pick screen colour feature in Tableau and remove any borders to make it seamless.

Dashboard Background

I found this dashboard with a beautiful-looking map and reverse-engineered that, so the whole design wasn’t mine. Although, I added a few elements to the background, such as the space dust and colour scheme. The design process took me almost half the allotted time to make the dashboard because I still had to edit the free images I found online.

About the Dashboard

The dashboard is merely the highest number of sightings in the USA. The spaceships are plot points on the scatter plot, if you haven’t noticed, and points to the map’s location where it happened.

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