On day 5 of Dashboard Week, the challenge was to find a story within Formula 1 data. With limited time and being based in Melbourne, I made the decision to examine the biggest winners and losers at the Albert Park circuit.

I analysed the data to see which drivers had the most success at Albert Park, and which teams had the most victories. While McLaren has won more Formula 1 races in Australia overall, when focusing on Albert Park specifically, Ferrari emerges as the dominant team. This is largely due to the success of two drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher.

Similarly, McLaren owes a significant portion of their success at Albert Park to the performances of two drivers, Jenson Button and David Coulthard.

One interesting finding from the data was that collisions, engine issues, and gearbox problems were the top issues that prevented drivers from crossing the finish line. Williams, Dauber, and McLaren were the top companies that did not finish the race, with Williams not finishing 19 races in total.

My analysis of the Formula 1 data highlighted the dominance of Ferrari at Albert Park, as well as the importance of individual drivers in contributing to team success. It also showed the challenges that drivers face in completing the race, with a variety of technical issues and collisions being the biggest obstacles to success.

While Dashboard Week was a challenging week of hard work, the insights I gained from working with unfamiliar data made it all worthwhile. Due to the complexity of the analysis and the time constraints of today, publishing a dashboard on Tableau Public for day 5 will take some additional time.


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