The Union tool appends two or more datasets with similar structures and gives a file with all the information of both datasets together.

For the scenarios, where we need to combine two different inputs, UNION tool comes in handy. With huge datasets sometimes its a requirement to show two datasets as a combined data for analysis purposes.

As shown in the below example, We have taken two data sets, shown as input 1 and input 2.

                       Input 1                                                           Input 2


Combined output (append Input 1+ Input 2)

When the Union tool is applied, both the data sets will get combined automatically.

Configuration properties provide 3 options:

  1. – This option will arrange fields by field name
  2. – This option will arrange fields by their field order
  3. – This option allows manually reorder of columns by clicking left and right arrow  

Output order option –  this option allows to select Set a Specific Output Order and then click the arrows to arrange the input numbers.

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